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I empower soul-seekers

to step into their authentic soul-purpose

You’re a leader and a world-changer that is committed to personal growth, but you’re also seeking a sense of deeper purpose and satisfaction that simply can’t be found by crushing your competition and smashing the next achievement.

You KNOW that you have a greater calling, and you’ve explored ways to tap into it, but you haven’t yet been able to unlock your unique gifts. No matter how epic your accolades, and no matter how LIT everyone thinks your life is…Hunny, something is missing. You’ve got this empty space inside of you…and nothing in this world fills it.

You are all about the right mindset for success and alignment, but fulfillment and peace feel distant. You want to live out of complete freedom and abundance, and be fully present in the moment without any fear of the future. You might wonder what’s wrong with you, and why can’t you just be GRATEFUL for all the gifts in your life? 

I help people live an out-of-this-world life using out-of-the-box thinking

Are you tired of these lingering thoughts?

“I wish I could have the courage to live a life true to myself, not what others expect of me.”
“I wish I didn’t have to work so hard & could be more present.”
“I wish I could have the courage to express my true feelings.”
“I wish I had deeper connections with family & friends.”
“I wish I knew my purpose & path to fulfillment.”

I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my potential & wanted to find myself. Now I make 2X what I made before, have more flexibility & things just flow to me!

I even got engaged within a year of setting the intention because I didn’t dwell on ‘making’ it happen!

Whitney Smith - Director of Human Resources

Even with your accomplishments and success, through all the self-discipline, mastery, and the genuine impact you’ve made in your career and your life…

you long for true self-transcendence,
to live at your highest potential.

Lemme tell you right now…this desire is an invitation for you. It’s a divine opportunity knocking on your door, straight from your Spirit to finally align with your purpose and enter Divine Flow and Energetic Balance. Yup, it’s an invitation for you to come HOME to your SELF.

The key you’re missing is not:

More hard work or hustle

More education or experience

More coaching, self-help and self-improvement

The ONLY thing you are missing is a real connection to YOUR Spirit.
That’s where I come in.
Are you ready to master your sovereignty and awaken your

limitless potential?

This could be your life

Money flowing to you like an effortless stream of water and you living a lifestyle others only dream of

You fly first-class to the world’s most exotic locations with a smile on your face and a glass of champagne in hand
You wake up each day excited to bring your gifts into the world in a way that changes lives

When you walk into a room, others are inspired and impacted SIMPLY by the light emanating from within you

You know you are living to your highest potential and are fully confident that you’re walking in your ultimate purpose

I’m Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser

The Royal Shaman

I bridge Ancient Spiritual Wisdom in a modern, practical way that resonates with people from all walks of life, to consciously create satisfying success in the real world.

As a fully-initiated Sanusi (Zulu Shaman), trained in Ancient Egyptian Spirituality through the Dogon Mystery School, I developed the path-breaking program – ‘The Energetics of Euphoria’, to help my clients ground themselves in an endless feeling of bliss, calling in the State of Euphoria on a whim…regardless of external circumstances! It’s true, your State of Euphoria will no longer be dependent on external experiences or internal imbalance!

My goal is to dismantle all of your restrictive narratives, social expectations and generational patterns that no longer serve you – leaving you free to bask in the light of your success, while feeling rooted in a higher sense of purpose.

I work privately with a select handful of highly successful individuals to create a potent pathway to a sacred and soul-fulfilling life in the most pure and simple ways.

My work results in

powerful transformations

that amplify success and fuel

extraordinary growth.

I assist seekers who desire to discover their purpose, decode their essence and break through the blocks keeping them from creating limitless abundance, unparalleled freedom and exceptional impact.

– Makhosi Hefisah Nejser | The Royal Shaman

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