Discover Your Authentic

soul purpose

I am Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser.

The Royal Shaman.

It is my greatest joy and honor to serve as a Spiritual Guide and Authentic Shaman, helping serious Soul-Seekers fulfill their highest potential and build the business empire of their dreams by following their Euphoria, aligning with their soul-purpose, and metaphysics mastery.

Using my potent energetics of euphoria method,

I partner with high-power business Queens that are well beyond having a Plan B, simply because they know that success follows them. But they want more – they want an empire. And while the world may call them too ambitious, I say “Let’s Get Started!”

I’ve been where you are right now. I was hooked on the hustle and tried to find fulfillment & happiness in 6-figure success

I thought I wanted to be a doctor.

Instead, I was called to  trade my American business success and accolades for the African bush, enduring grueling tests of my spiritual strength. The old me had to die before I was reborn to live and breathe my true soul’s purpose.

In my life before my initiations, and while preparing for medical school, I hustled and soared to the top 1% of consultants in a $250 million direct sales company. By all accounts, and all societal standards, I had ‘made it.’

That’s when my world shattered to pieces.

Looking around at everything I thought I wanted, and what society defines as ‘success’— the money, the admiration, the prestige— I realized none of it actually fulfilled me. 

Despite all I had achieved, I was aching for something deeper, something profound that was missing from my life.

I imagine you know exactly how I felt at this time. Frustrated. Confused. Alone. And so tired.

But it was THIS revelation that birthed my shamanic journey.

My journey on the

sacred path

and how

it leads to YOU

and how it leads to YOU

My initiation wasn’t painless.

For 3 years, I traveled back and forth between the U.S. and West Africa for my initiation into Ancient Egyptian Spirituality through the Dogon Mystery Schools of High Priest Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig.

What a paradigm shift! This experience completely changed my perspective about life and spirituality. In the following year, my Ancestors led me, through dreams and synchronicities, to complete a series of 7 more initiations, tests, and trials in South Africa, which culminated in me becoming a fully-initiated Sangoma (Zulu Shaman) under Makhosi Singh, the spiritual daughter of Gogo Phakathi.

In the Zulu Sangoma tradition, I learned that to be a shaman, I must embody and become feminine energy— I must flow with the rhythms of nature to actually be aligned with my purpose.

And the teachings of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and the Dogon people of West Africa taught me that I’m a divine being because the universe is within me, as much as it is outside of me. But here’s the catch- I’m not special. YOU are NO different from me. These timeless spiritual truths apply to YOU, too!

But I’ve been led even deeper in my studies and initiations that have been directly guided and overseen by my Ancestors & Divinities. Through that process, I learned that not only can no one save you but YOURSELF, but a Spiritual Guide is CRUCIAL to the process. 

Because, there are major pitfalls we ALL face that keep most people stuck for years, decades, or even lifetimes.

And that’s where our paths meet, here in this moment. Me and you.

Together, we can go from Soul-Seeker to

Spiritual Sovereign

I had a deep sadness because I was suppressing my Spirit & I couldn’t find joy.

Now, I have so much more clarity, my spiritual abilities have returned and my relationships have improved! I’m actually able to do so much more for others now that I’ve allowed my gifts to unfold!

Thandeka Zulu - Intuitive Healer

I am uniquely qualified to guide people through this incredibly intense and enlightening phase of releasing all resistance to be in The Void, so that your True Self can be birthed.

I’ve studied and initiated into multiple ancient spiritual systems, and the most common themes are the most practical and applicable to your life as a conscious leader who is seeking their spiritual self.

Nothing I’ve learned or now teach is abstract woo-magic. I bridge ancient spiritual wisdom in a modern, practical way that resonates with people from all walks of life. 

As a Human Potential Expert, I now help women to step into their Queendom by using business as a mechanism for spiritual growth.  By blending energetic alignment and spiritual ascension with deep business acumen, my students learn to operate from a place of authenticity, flow and alignment which magnetises and attracts abundance in every sphere of life. 

The wisdom I share is all-inclusive, nonreligious, and accessible; and my clients walk away with a completely different perspective of their life and the world.

However, There’s One Thing You Should Know

I cannot and will not promise a “one and done” service. 

This is not typical business OR spiritual coaching. The work will require commitment and deep personal honesty. 

I will not hold any answers for you, because every answer you seek is already within you. 

Still, this isn’t something you can do on your own. 

Unlocking your spirit and releasing the layers that keep you bound in the hustle, in resistance to feminine flow and ultimate abundance, requires an experienced guide like me.

Someone who can ignite the spark for your evolution from Soul-Seeker to Spiritual Sovereign.

Ready to strike the match?