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Makhosi Nejeser, the Royal Shaman, is an extreme pioneer in the domain of personal development and energetic alignment. Through her groundbreaking modality, The Energetics of Euphoria, Makhosi teaches her clients and Guides to ground themselves in the feeling of bliss, calling in the State of Euphoria on a whim regardless of external circumstances.

A fully-initiated Sanusi (Zulu Shaman), and trained in Ancient Egyptian Spirituality through the Dogon Mystery School, Makhosi now works as a Spiritual Guide & Authentic Shaman, helping serious seekers fulfill their highest potential with mindfulness and metaphysics mastery of The Energetics of Euphoria.

Makhosi works privately with highly successful individuals, creating a potent pathway to a sacred and soul-fulfilling life in the most pure and simple ways. Her work results in powerful transformations that amplify success and fuel extraordinary growth. The Energetics of Euphoria Guides teach Makhosi’s modality to activate radical personal expression and profound change to a broader audience.

It’s her joy and passion to act as a bridge of understanding between esoteric truths and practical, real-world applications. She breaks down complex spiritual ideas that our ancestors knew and lived, making them approachable and relevant to business leaders, conscious visionaries, and rebel change-makers.

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I assist seekers who desire to discover their purpose, decode their essence and break through the blocks keeping them from creating limitless abundance, unparalleled freedom and exceptional impact.

– Makhosi Hefisah Nejser | The Royal Shaman

Want a Transformational & Motivational Speaker who leaves your audience feeling like a phoenix risen from the ashes?

Makhosi brings over 2 decades of public speaking + performance experience in everything from leadership/sales training, pageants, and as a professional singer, dancer, and musician.

Her speaking dances at the intersection of self-actualization, spirituality, and personal development, with a side order of humor.

With Makhosi, you can expect an overflow of pattern-disrupting, transformational experiences for change-makers that ignite their minds, hearts, and souls.

Topics Makhosi covers:

Activating Your Intuition, Uncovering Your Purpose, Unleashing Your Power, Unlocking Prosperity:

Everyone has something beautiful hidden inside them, waiting to be birthed. But it’s up to you to awaken it. You alone are the architect of your evolution. By tapping into ancient spiritual wisdom, I guide you through the process to optimise and activate your fullest potential – tapping into the limitless abundance and spiritual freedom that IS your birthright, and the global impact you can create. Dare to dream of a higher and better world, and together let’s bring that reality to life.

Expanding Consciousness: The KEY to Growth & Innovation

Is there any identity that isn’t, on some level, restrictive? I can help you broaden your scope by guiding the observation of our concepts to systematically see through them. Doing this can dissolve the “fixed” roles we’ve attributed to ourselves and others, allowing us to appreciate our untapped potential and expand our horizons.

Self-Actualization: How to 10X Your Growth, Impact & Fulfillment

Self-actualization is what leads to transcendence. Letting go of your addictive need to do – to hustle, to be the conqueror and master – is what blocks you from true mastery. From there, you can tap into a flow that aligns you with your purpose, who you’re really here to be, and what’s truly yours.

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Where can you hear Makhosi speak?

Makhosi has been featured as a guest on podcasts that highlight self-care, spiritual growth and abundance, ancestral connections, and aligning with life purpose through shamanic activation:

The Manifestation Babe Podcast (2X)
Empath to Power
Stay Grounded with Raj Jana
Not Your Average Lives Podcast
The Good Curves Podcast
Holistic Hope Podcast
The Menopause Movement
Collective Wisdom with Aria

She has the exciting honor of being featured as the headliner of the Better Society Summit as a marketing whiz, business thought leader and Spiritual Master:

Better Society Summit Headliner

She further teaches spiritual truths that apply to business success and leadership, bringing authentic wisdom to high achievers who wish to impact the world in aligned ways that inspire everyone to self-transcendence and flowing abundance:

Mind Your Business Podcast
Align & Hustle
Alignment is the New Hustle
Sway them in Color
Feel Good Social

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