You Were Born

a Queen

You’re reading this, so on some level you already know: You are a Queen.

That life you want to be living, that person you see yourself being, that deepest part of your Spirit that you don’t show to ANYONE? I see it.

I see YOU.

And I want you to have your deepest, most soul-satisfying desires fulfilled with ease, every day of your life.

I want to see you not just GET lit, but to BE lit.

My greatest passion and purpose is to see YOU become a real-life Queen...

I was given a vision and mission by my Ancestors, of guiding women like you to return to the ways of true Feminine Power. It is the path for how you will restore balance to yourself and to this world…but for that vision to be fulfilled, you must become the Queen YOU ALREADY ARE within your Spirit.

THAT is how you will become aligned with your soul’s deepest desires, by BEING limitlessly abundant, all while impacting the world with profound change.

When you operate from Queenhood,

everyone around you benefits.

A recent study revealed that narcissism was very strongly and positively linked to the likelihood of becoming a successful CEO in business. In fact, an increase in narcissistic traits of one standard deviation was linked to a 29% higher likelihood of becoming CEO.

Moreover, even very high levels of narcissism (two standard deviations above the mean) increased the likelihood of being appointed CEO.

So…what does this mean for you? I don’t like to throw around buzzwords or trendy issues to make a point but…patriarchal, hierarchical, and competitive ways of achieving success don’t actually support spiritual connection and growth.

And since you’re a Seeker longing for juicy, authentic Spiritual Sovereignty as a Queen, you’re here to shift this old, tired paradigm and build the new earth being born.

I know that when you are a Queen, you end the inherited and conditioned cycles of martyrdom, competing with other women, doubting your divine nature, and sacrificing your health and your peace for patriarchal ideals of “success”…

But I’ve seen the concept of Queenhood be manipulated to continue to serve the small, fearful, and competitive self, aka THE EGO…and the truth of Queenhood has been lost in the modern world.

For you to truly embody your destiny as a Queen, you must transcend your small, false self, and be in service to the collective. No more “me me me”…only WE.

But BEING a Queen has NOTHING to do with martyrdom, competition with other women, or forcing your way to the top.

And I am here to tell you this harsh truth: breaking those patterns and releasing that conditioning is HARD.

So hard, in fact, that very few women will achieve embodying their true Self…but it is the greatest gift you could give yourself AND those you serve…and the world. Because being a leader is serving in ways that benefit YOU, the people and passions you serve, and the planet.

Here’s the thing I want you to really ponder: Being a Queen is not an idea or mindset. Our culture has taught you that everything starts and ends within the mind, and that’s an imbalance within that you must address.

Because being a Queen is a natural and total integration within your body, mind, and spirit to transcend competition, ego, and the imbalances caused by a system built on forcing, doing, getting, using, and dominating.

It’s through that process of releasing and surrendering to your own Divine Self, through INITIATING into your TRUE Self, that your magic doesn’t require learning or fixing anything about you…your GENIUS unfolds naturally.

I created Synarchy Of Queendom, an ultimate, next-level Mastermind for feminine leaders like you who want to live a transcendent business and life, one that naturally encompasses service to your own spirit and supports all those around you, while catalyzing true change within the world.

A life that leads to abundance and alignment, joy, and purpose, without even TRYING to make it happen, ever again.

What is the Synarchy of Queendom?

This is potently mythical stuff.

This isn’t a practice run or game of role-playing anymore. And that’s why so few women will reach their true potential, because becoming the Queen who leads by her service is a path of power, responsibility, honesty, and surrender. As a result, She inhabits a life of flow, ease, abundance, and enjoyment of all the gifts of her birthright.

And I know that without a guide through this process of release and rebirth, you won’t break through to this level of Queendom.

This isn’t the path most people follow, because they don’t even know it exists.

Like the ancient and primal archetype of a serpent shedding its skin, Synarchy of Queendom will take you into the depths of your own underworld, to battle your own fears which will call you to finally leap into your Higher Self, the scariest and most rewarding leap you will ever take.

To be a Queen means to meet your deepest fears and transcend them because once you have become your Highest Self, you will then awaken the consciousness of those around you without even trying. By being the ultimate expression of your Spirit, you will automatically live within your genius.

This isn't something you can learn, or do.

This is a spiritual and energetic process that unfolds on its own, but guidance and support through this are essential, you cannot DIY this or attend a few seminars, read a few books, or get a certificate of completion.

Being a Queen means BEING a Queen. This is power already within you. It is holy, divine. Releasing your false self to reveal your Queen self doesn’t require “doing” or “learning” anything new, it doesn’t require fixing your behavior or piling on more “manifestation” training.

You will stop worshipping Gurus outside of yourself and BECOME divine, for you already are. Your own magnetism is your superpower and this cannot be granted or created by anything or anyone outside of yourself.

As a Queen, you will uncover the higher vision of prosperity, and you will remember that the secret of real growth and expansion lies in collaboration.

Greed-driven business is on
its way out,

and good riddance.

Self-serving only SEEMS to benefit you. It gives the illusion of glory, power, leadership but it’s the toddler version, the small ego version of prosperity. Serving a community in authentic ways that support prosperity for ALL is how limitless abundance is generated and sustained.

And that can only thrive when women in leadership positions are nurturing themselves!

A Queen knows and sees that cooperating with similar women, groups, and organizations is the way to build out networks of high-frequency impact and change, while working together heals and restores the wounds women have suffered as the result of competition, jealousy, and fear.

Here’s the secret the current world paradigm doesn’t want you to know: the synarchy of Queendom is the OPPOSITE of anarchy, which is what this world has been built on.

Queens understand that collective rulership, cooperation, and leading together with other Queens, is the real inner sanctum, where the true power of change and transmutation lives…

This ‘secret society’ of Queens serve together in a focused vision of circular hierarchy rather than linear (patriarchal, top-down)…where no one is above anyone else because Queens transcend that hierarchical, codependent false Self and finally embody the wisdom of oneness.

This will create and sustain a deep and lasting harmony within the global economy AND the planet.

How does this sacred circle work?

A Queen who rules by synarchy has achieved the inner surrender and release of the old narratives and beliefs that keep her small and afraid. She will undergo this process by and through Spirit, which is a pressure from her OWN spirit to evolve from within.

This is living the ancient wisdom, not just knowing it- that as within, so without. A Queen’s inner harmony and transcendence will ALWAYS lead to outer harmony and transcendence in her own life and the lives of others.

A Queen is an ultimate power because she is the living embodiment of the Mystery of Life, she is Life’s potential, in physical form. She lives without rules or answering to any other authority because she creates her own rules from the infinite well of creative potential WITHIN her, and she IS the authority.

The approach I’ve created has been shown to result in my clients achieving and maintaining 2-3Xs of their current level of growth and impact.

If you’re a Feminine Entrepreneur, Executive or Leader, and you’re ready to FINALLY become an embodied Queen (no more pretending or faking it) the Synarchy of Queendom will teach you and support you with such tools as:

Human Design & Gene Keys for Business & Manifestation (incredible tools for more self-awareness and releasing conditioning and blockages)
Money Mastery; Alchemizing Money Wounds for More Prosperity
Harmonizing Masculine & Feminine Energy to Receive More While Doing Less (because masculine and feminine energy is not an either/or thing! Finding your OWN unique inner harmony of energies is the key!)
Shadow Work for Explosive Transformation (you’ll go deeper into your own shadows than you ever have before BUT it’s the only way through!)
Finding Holistic/Omni-Benefit for Greater Impact & Abundance (this is a pivotal shift in YOUR consciousness that cannot be bypassed!)
Birthing Magnetic, Aligned Premium Offers from Your Genius Code (without wracking your brain or needing to research your demographic…this is all a natural side-effect of becoming a Queen!)
Relationship Mastery & Advocacy for ZERO Competition (competing is basic. We are DONE with it.)
And more!!!

How is working with me different?

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely achieved a level of success in your life that required coaching or other teachers to help guide you to that success. But I’m not a typical coach…in any way! Where other coaches are hired to DO things for you and help you DO things to help yourself (which is great and definitely helps!) my work with you takes place mostly in the spiritual realms.

My gift is called Avatar Abundance Activation…and it means that my Divine spirit, my presence, IMPACTS your spirit in ways you aren’t even aware of all the time (although ask any of my clients, we are BUSY in the dream realms!) and that doesn’t require me to physically be interacting with you all the time.

Think of it as multi-dimensional coaching and healing, with all the layers of your own Spirit being woken up by my Spirit…once we meet and start working together in THIS reality!

Basically, by just being around me and in a committed collaboration with me, Spirit takes care of much of the profound shifts and growth you will experience. It’s literally magic…but the results and impact in your life are POWERFUL and tangible.

Your commitment to unfolding into your Divine Self within the Synarchy of Queendom Includes:

Weekly Collaborative Virtual Sessions with Like-Minded Feminine Leaders & Energetics of Euphoria Facilitators (because I know you don’t have endless time or energy to spare on more group coaching calls)

Spontaneous Channeled Training from Me Every Single Month (no cookie cutter approach! You are a unique Spirit and I honor that!)
Unparalleled & Exclusive Elite Guest Expert Training LIVE (I don’t do boring and neither do you!)
Unlimited access to Me + My Team via Private App Platform for 24/7 support (when things get real, and they will, you won’t be alone…)
One virtual, bespoke 3-day intensive group journey (Yessss, I like a little luxury…and you need to learn to receive as much as you give!)
Access to all call recordings

I know you. Even though we probably haven’t met.​

I offer you this warning though – Synarchy of Queendom is NOT for the faint-of-heart, and this is NOT an easy path. If you are looking for a typical business mastermind or in fact any basic business training, I invite you to click away now…

Because this is not just spiritual coaching.

It is

spiritual ascension

- the embracing of your

divine power

, your


, your


As a human potential expert, I will push you to go deeper, and confront the energetic patterns at play in
your life which are holding you back. Sometimes, the medicine can be bitter. If your Spirit is calling you to this path, you will feel uncomfortable, afraid, and your ego will give you plenty of excuses and explanations (some of which are valid!)

But for those who have reached a space of recognizing that it’s time to let go and trust their own Spirit to guide them, then joining this Synarchy of Queendom Empire will ensure you are participating in the most profound spiritual awakening of your life. An awakening that invites true soul-alignment, manifest abundance, and true Euphoria.

Spots are extremely limited – not only to allow space for this deep level of work, but to ensure every
member of this Temple shares the same commitment, drive, and passion to embrace their sovereignty.

Initiates to Synarchy of Queendom Empire receive:

VERY Limited in spots so that it remains a Highly Intimate Experience

Unlike any other coaching you’ve ever experienced before (my gift of Avatar Abundance Activation ensures this!)

The most profound and powerful shift in your own consciousness that will lead you to transcend the small, false self and BECOME a source of soul-deep fulfillment through service AND amazing impact, all without forcing, hustling, or competing with other women (or men!)
A part of the global shift in paradigms taking place WITHOUT bypassing reality or continuing to use the same thinking to solve problems that were used to GET the problems
Teaching you how to collaborate and cooperate with other women and aligned businesses in ways that are literally drenched in ancient wisdom and magic, not just false claims of feminine power!
The rewards of entering this ultimate death and rebirth into your Divine Queenhood can’t be fully expressed here, because it’s an experience your whole self must undertake- body, mind, and spirit…but I welcome you to join me in this sacred calling! True abundance, freedom, flow, and euphoric joy are your Birthright.

I want to see you BEING that Queen, so book a call with ME so we can determine if this is your next step!