What Do You

truly desire?

To amplify your success…
To unlock your hidden potential…
To live a sacred and soul-fulfilling life…

I know you. Even though we probably haven’t met.

You’re successful but dissatisfied. Powerful yet restless. Impactful but empty, somehow. People envy you for your achievements, but secretly? In your heart of hearts? 

You’re tired of the hustle and you feel unfulfilled, bored and exhausted. 

But there’s a reason your path has led you here, to be reading this, in this moment. 

I know you’re not lacking in self-improvement skills. To reach the level of epic success you’re currently at, you’ve had to be deeply self-aware,  focused, and disciplined. Big snaps to that, hunny. No shade!

But now, you’ve reached the precipice on your path— and you can sense your soul calling to you from a step beyond that you haven’t yet seen; one that takes you from ME to WE…

From being a separate, isolated, and struggling individual to a deeply, spirit-rooted and embodied connection with ALL that you are and ALL that is.

Guess what?

Your burn-out, fatigue, and lack of fulfillment are actually a blessing,
an invitation, and an opportunity.

Your Spirit is calling you to finally align with your Purpose, enter Divine Flow, and enjoy Energetic Balance.

And…that requires you to DO NOTHING new. 

You must let go of the need to DO something new to FIX yourself or your life.

Yet, you still haven’t answered the Call to STOP the cycle of doing.

Maybe you’re afraid to let go. Maybe you don’t believe you can create from that space. You doubt you can grow from not doing anything, from a state of nothingness.

But that’s exactly where your greatest growth lies…

In the Void.

There are plenty of easy fixes that flaunt the label of “healing” and spirituality, but here’s a harsh truth:

Answering your Spirit’s calling, entering the Void, and becoming your true self will be the greatest challenge (and opportunity!) you’ll ever experience in your life. 

And…it’s the only one that can give you the soul-deep satisfaction you seek.

Though we might be strangers, I already know you’re:



Deeply spiritual

Incredibly gifted

But I also know you’re blocked from
your highest potential because you’re:

Constantly hustling

Emotionally mentally physically imbalanced

Unable to really connect with yourself and your loved ones

Feeling unfulfilled and misunderstood

Experiencing a financial and professional plateau

Constantly distracting yourself with addictions to fill the void

Feeling guilty for not feeling more grateful for the success you DO have...

And you can feel, deep inside your bones that you’re:

Called to do MORE

Craving true joy, fulfillment, and natural excitement about your work (and life)

Aching to be connected to the moment

Ready for limitless abundance

Wanting opportunity flowing to you without needing to struggle, force, or hustle

Worthy of WAY more money

Here to make a MASSIVE, long-lasting impact

Primed for spiritual growth and mastery that transforms every part of your life

Except, there’s NOTHING to actually FIX!

You don’t need to DO anything more. You don’t need to learn a new skill, hire a new coach or mentor, join a new mastermind or uplevel your abilities.

You don’t need to hone your demographics or improve your marketing.

The only thing you need to ‘do’ is to LET GO of it all!

That’s how I help high achievers consciously create satisfying success, freedom and effortless abundance in the REAL world.

Do you Really Want All Your Desires Made Real?

Start with a Complimentary Clarity Call to see if you’re ready.

Here’s how we can work together:

What I do isn’t like anything else you’ve encountered. 

I don’t do spiritual band-aids, easy quick-fixes, or fast, trendy “healing.”

By applying fundamental, spiritual truths, I will guide you to have the deepest, fullest, most exhilarating (and at times, terrifying) experience of your life. 

And that’s where you’ll finally find the answers you’ve been seeking for years, decades, or even lifetimes. 

Within yourself.


This premium 1:1 experience exclusive to 7+ figure earners is a customized journey with me for a quantum leap in spiritual evolution. I’ll personally guide you to discover your authentic soul purpose, decode your essence, and break through the remaining barriers that block effortless abundance, spiritual sovereignty and global impact:

  • 1:1 journey details entirely focused on YOU
  • Unlimited Voxer access to me for progression at all levels
  • Private, bespoke 2-Day intensive journey
  • 1:1 calls for support as needed on your path
  • Access to all call recordings on my powerful private platform app
  • 1-hr Divination & Activation Session

$50k deposit + $15k/month

Synarchy of Queendom Empire

By Invitation Only – Members are hand-selected from the Synarchy of Queendom Mastermind. Co-create intimately with me right by your side!

Limited spots for the highly intimate experience. Receive:

  • 12 month program
  • Six 1 on 1 meetings with Makhosi
  • Weekly collaborative virtual sessions with like-minded feminine leaders & me
  • Customized training from me & unparalleled & exclusive elite guest expert trainings LIVE
  • Unlimited access to me + my team via private app platform for 24/7 support
  • Two private, bespoke 3-day intensive group journey
  • Access to all call recordings

$25k deposit + $6k/month

Synarchy of Queendom Circle

For Feminine Entrepreneurs, Influencers & Leaders ready to come together, leading with a focused direction & vision for the world amplifying Feminine Energy. Experience the Euphoria that will elevate you into your Highest Calling, Transcending the Old Paradigms & paving the way for Ecstatic Exponential Growth! Mastermind includes:

  • 12 month program
  • Biweekly collaborative virtual sessions with like-minded feminine leaders & energetics of euphoria facilitators
  • Customized training from me every single month
  • Unparalleled & exclusive elite guest expert trainings LIVE
  • Unlimited access to me + my team via private app platform for 24/7 support
  • One private, bespoke 3-day intensive group journey
  • Access to all call recordings

$3000 / month


For high-achievers & soul-seekers who are ready to break through their blocks, fulfill their highest potential, and live an abundant, soul-satisfying life, I offer a group membership level with:

  • 3 x 2 hour training and mentorship monthly with an Energetics of Euphoria guide to quickly spark your transformation 
  • 1 x 2 hour in-depth Energetic Training + Group Coaching Session with me
  • Unlimited access to my powerful private platform community and app
  • 1 ticket to my exclusive, annual group 3-day intensive
  • 24/7 email support to further all your questions, insights, explorations and A-Ha moments
  • Soul Ascension 101 Signature Course to kickstart your spiritual evolution

$1111 / month


Are you a shaman, healer, channel, guide, spiritual coach or teacher looking for potent, yet practical Teachings that create unmistakeable, real world results for yourself and your clients?

Through The Energetics Of Euphoria Guides program, you get personal mentoring with me, deeper understanding of Ancient Egyptian Spirituality through the Dogon Mystery Schools plus an added stream of revenue that boosts your business! You’ll receive:

  • Voxer access for rapid support
  • Weekly training calls to spiritually progress
  • One private, bespoke 3-day intensive journey to deepen your connection with the divine and remove stubborn blocks
  • Access to all call recordings for further study
  • Access to ALL programs and workshops
  • 1 ticket to my annual group intensive
  • An exciting opportunity to sell and grow with EOE programs/ teachings

$5k/ month + 30% of sales

The most

transformational journey

of your life starts here!

We are a Social Enterprise business. That means 10% of our profits each quarter goes to support Indigenous Healers & Spirituality Non-profits.